EWII Mobility is a commercial company in the EWII Group. It is an internationally oriented company, responsible for the electric vehicle TRIPL, which is a new electric vehicle designed in-house and intended for delivering goods in large cities and other urban environments.

On account of its unique design, TRIPL is fast and agile – properties that allow it to enter areas inaccessible to other vehicles. It is precisely TRIPL’s ability to access hard-to-reach areas that is sure to help overcome challenges linked to urban congestion, which is often attributable to goods vehicles being unable to navigate narrow streets and alleys.

In addition, TRIPL can help ease the burden on the climate and the environment, as the vehicle is very quiet, with remarkably low carbon emissions. TRIPL therefore helps minimizing pollution, and has been approved for operation in the environmental zones of major towns and cities.

With TRIPL, EWII is seeking actively to address energy-related climate challenges through the use of environmentally sustainable solutions. TRIPL is keen to promote green technology and greater sustainability in the transport sector.