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We develop, innovate and ensure a sustainable future
The EWII Group is comprised of a large range of companies
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A national energy group with international ambitions

All companies in the EWII Group work strategically and focused on creating environmentally sound solutions for consumers and businesses alike.

EWII is a national energy group with international activities. Every day we work hard to develop climate friendly energy technologies for the future - particularly within the production of wind power, electric vehicles, fuel cells and welfare technology solutions.

We sell energy to consumers and businesses in Denmark as well as energy management solutions nationally and internationally. In addition, we provide district heating, fibre broadband and clean drinking water to our local community in the Triangle Region of Denmark.

With our wind farms, we contribute to reaching the target in the Danish climate strategy where 50 percent of the electricity consumption in Denmark has to come from wind power by 2020.

Through the development of telemedicine solutions, the electric vehicle TRIPL and components for fuel cells, we position ourselves as a supplier of innovative solutions with potential far into the future.

With revenues of DKK 1.5 billion, EWII is one of the 250 largest companies in Denmark as well as one of the largest employers in the Triangle Region of Denmark.

Indgang ved EWII hovedkontor
We are a private company that creates quality and innovation in Denmark and abroad with respect for ethics, environment and strong values – always with the customer in focus.
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Through commercial growth, we will provide a solid and increased capital base, attract specialists and create a strong infrastructure that makes the Triangle Region in Denmark attractive – by developing, being innovative and ensuring a sustainable future.
At EWII we have been working with innovation since 1867.
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The EWII Group consists of a number of commercial and conventional companies
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