EWII skilt ved indgangen til hovedkontor

Financial strength

Innovation since 1867
In 2016, revenue totalled EUR 219 million, down EUR 82 million on 2015. This is the effect of the introduction of the supplier centric model on 1 April 2016, according to which PSO charges and duties will no longer be included in revenue. In 2016, the ability to generate earnings from operating activities once again proved to be good, and EWII generated a positive operating profit (EBITDA) of EUR 34 million.


The EWII Group is an efficient and modern private multi-energy group with a strong capital base. 2017 is expected to see a strengthening of performance by the group’s commercial
companies in line with the strategic targets defined. Fulfilment of these targets will require a consistently strong focus in the coming years on efficiency, development and innovation with the aim of strengthening the EWII Group as a whole.
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