Financial strength

The EWII Group is a healthy business.

In 2015, the EWII Group realised a profit of EUR 14 million before tax, which is satisfactory. Healthy results were generated by all areas of operation, while earnings from our financial activities did not fully live up to expectations. Revenue of EUR 300 million was posted for 2015, which is similar compared to 2014.

The group again succeeded in generating satisfactory earnings from operations in 2015, with EWII returning an operation profit (EBITDA) of EUR 66 million, up 24 % on the previous year.


The EWII Group is an efficient and modern private company with a strong capital base. The outlook for 2016 is a strenghtening of performance by the group's commercial subsidiaries, in line with the strategic targets defined. Fulfilment of the targets will require a strong focus on efficiency, development and innovation with the aim of strengthening the entire EWII Group in the coming years.

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