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Group Companies and Structure

The EWII Group comprises a number of subsidiaries, each linked to EWII's core areas in the fields of electricity, water, heating and fibre broadband. 

TREFOR El-net A/S, TREFOR Vand A/S, TREFOR Varme A/S and EWII Bredbånd A/S operate exclusively in the Group's local area of coverage in the Fredericia-Kolding-Vejle region in Denmark (known as ‘the Triangle Region’) and parts of Funen. These four subsidiaries help generate everyday benefits, as they ensure that private and corporate customers have constant access to electricity, district heating, fresh drinking water, and fast fibre broadband for Internet, TV and telephone services.


EWII Teknik A/S is a commercial company in the EWII Group that specialises in communication, electricity and plumbing and pipe technology. The company operates in the professional areas of fibre broadband, district heating, water supply, industrial installations, supply installations, lighting and electrical installations. In addition, the company carries out major assignments and projects in the field of sustainable energy. 

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EWII Energi A/S is a commercial company that works with financial trading in energy, as well as making sales and providing energy management consultancy services to private and corporate customers. 

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EWII Mobility A/S is the Group's latest commercial subsidiary, a new, internationally oriented addition to the EWII organisation. EWII Mobility is responsible for TRIPL, the electrical CO2 neutral vehicle developed in-house and intended for making goods deliveries in large towns and cities.

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EWII Production A/S is tasked with generating wind power, and operates wind farms in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. The company currently has 45 wind turbines with a total capacity of 94 MW – equivalent to 250 million kWh or the power consumption of around 62,500 standard households.

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EWII Fuel Cells A/S is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EWII Group. EWII Fuel Cells manufactures, markets and sells state-of-the-art components for fuel cells, with the emphasis on customer-specific solutions. EWII Fuel Cells develops systems in-house for use in the areas of residential heating, energy storage and as back-up in remote areas.

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EWII Telecare A/S is a commercial company in the EWII Group that focuses on welfare technology with a focus on security and quality of life for citizens in the treatment system. EWII Telecare is a technology company that develops effective telemedicine solutions for the healthcare sector – including the software solution "Netcare", which is designed to reduce admission periods and ensure security and life quality after hospitalisation.

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Midtjysk Køleservice A/S is a commercial company in the EWII Group. Midtjysk Køleservice specialises in delivering cooling, freezing and climate technology. Further they supply consultancy services, project planning, sales and services in the areas to commercial companies. Midtjysk Køleservice is a complete supplier of refrigeration installations from leading manufacturers in the refrigeration industry.


Digizuite develops the leading digital asset management system, Digizuite™ DAM, that helps companies optimize their digital workflows through automated and intelligent processes, which increases the quality of collaboration when archiving, searching and sharing digital assets (images, video, PDF files etc.) as well as ensuring streamlined multi-channel branding from a single source. 


K/S EWII Invest is EWII Group's limited partnership, where the majority of the company capital is placed in shares and bonds. This section of the business is run by a professional administration. EWII Invest operates a balanced investment strategy in which the primary concern is to service EWII's holdings and obtain maximum yield.


The EWII Group Structure

By clicking the diagram icon below, you can view an organisational chart of all the companies in the EWII Group.

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