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Our Responsibility

To us, Corporate Social Responsibility means that we make social, societal and environmental considerations in everything we do.
We have been working with Corporate Social Responsibility for many years, and every year, we submit a separate CSR report in connection with our traditional annual report. 

To live up to our responsibility, we work every day to ensure that we incorporate social, societal and environmental considerations into our operations. Where we have a say, we influence matters in relation to our most important stakeholders: customers, employees and society.

Our CSR policy is based on applicable employee rights, international principles for human rights, and general principles concerning sustainability.
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Policy to Guide Our Work

The purpose of our CSR policy is to describe the attitudes and frameworks, we apply in our work with CSR. The policy describes how we wish to interact with our three main stakeholders; customers, employees and the surrounding community.

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Code of Conduct
In our work with Corporate Social Responsibility, we draw heavily on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC). The reason for this is that we want to ensure that our suppliers work in an ethically correct manner. 

The EWII Code of Conduct is applied whenever an agreement is made with an overseas supplier, and it must be signed before a supplier can sell goods and services to EWII. 

We expect and trust that our suppliers abide by the principles, and that they apply the same requirements and expectations to their own value chain.
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