Our History

EWII Fuel Cells was established in 1996 by Dr. J.S. Lundsgaard.

1995 – 2005: Focus is on research and development 
National and international research projects and product development with partners.

2007: The stakeholder group is expanded 
Three Danish utility companies (TRE-FOR, Energi Fyn, and Sydfyns Elforsyning) invest in the further development of IRD Fuel Cell, and now jointly own a 60% stake in IRD. 
APC/Schneider Electric is also among the shareholders. 

2007: Commercial kick-off 
IRD Fuel Cell starts commercial production of MEAs, flow plates and fuel cell stacks. 

2008: Building the first hydrogen village in the world 

IRD Fuel Cell invests heavily in manufacturing facilities by installing a hydraulic press for high volume flow plate manufacturing. 

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visits Lolland, Denmark to see the first hydrogen village in the world - the contribution from IRD Fuel Cells is combined heat and power units installed at the participating households. 

2009: Expanding in the US – affiliate IRD Fuel Cells, LLC 
IRD Fuel Cells acquires CABOT Fuel Cells’ MEA manufacturing production in Albuquerque - it is named “IRD LLC” and operates as an independent US MEA manufacturing company. 

2010: Commercial production of MEAs introduced to the market 
Expanding the MEA product portfolios.

2012: Hydrogen village version 2.0 

IRD Fuel Cells' combined heat and power units installed in Vestenskov are going into the next phase, increasing the number of installations from 5 to 33. 

2014: TREFOR acquisition 

TREFOR A/S decides to make IRD Fuel Cells their new TREFOR subsidiary. With this acquisition, TREFOR A/S hopes to help IRD Fuel Cells on the vision to become a world renowned producer of fuel cell technology. 

2015: New strategy  
A new strategy is established with focus on manufacturing  fuel cell components. 

IRD Fuel Cells moves to new facilities in Odense and opens a sales office in Palo Alto, California. 

2016: Change of company name 
TREFOR A/S changes the name to EWII A/S, and as an affiliate, IRD Fuel Cells also changes name to EWII Fuel Cells.

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