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Organisation of the EWII Group

The EWII Group comprises a number of subsidiaries, each linked to EWII's core areas in the fields of electricity, water supply, district heating and fibre broadband. 

The EWII Group is organised into five general areas, each of which contributes to ensuring that our customers in the Triangle Region can expect reliable supply within electricity, water, district heating and fibre Network.


Infrastructure comprises the operation, maintenance and development of the infrastructure for the Group’s regulated areas within electricity grids, water supply and district heating. With vision and care, we tend to the underground infrastructure in the Triangle Region.


Renewables, Trading and Consulting focuses on production, advisory and trading activities based on risk management and investment. The area includes portfolio management, energy trading, wind farms and consultancy within the Group’s areas of electricity, water supply, heating and fibre.


Sales & Customer Service has a keen eye for customers and a commercial approach to broadband and energy sales. The area focuses on end users within the private, commercial and housing association areas. Sales and Customer Service is supported by the Group’s Marketing and Product Management areas. 


Business Development is central to the Group’s 2018-2022 strategy and comprises the development of the Group’s commercial activities based on the fibre network and energy. The area is responsible for the operation of the fibre network and also develops strategic alliances and partnerships in relation to the fibre network. 


Technical department solves tasks within site power supply, renovation tasks and the operation of street lighting.

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