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The advantages of Telemedicine

There are many advantages of telemedicine - for patients, relatives, health care professionals and society in general.

Telemedicine has many social and economical benefits and it contributes to the overall welfare of society. Furthermore, patients experience a greater sense of security in their everyday life, as the distance between doctor/therapist and patient is minimised through technology. Telemedicine is also more convenient for the patients, as they do not have to drive to the hospital or doctor's office for an appointment.


EWII Telecare Empowerment
Telemedicine supports and strengthens citizens' empowerment, so that they take responsibility for their illness and have a say in the course of their disease.
EWII Telecare

Reduce the number of hospitalisations 
Telemedicine helps reduce the number of hospitalisations and the number of days to be hospitalised.

EWII Telecare
Faster detection of critical disease
Through continuous and enhanced monitoring of patients, critical illness can quickly be detected before it has major implications for the patient.
EWII Telecare Better welfare with far less resources
Fewer admissions and number of days hospitalised combined with earlier detection of critical diseases mean that you need fewer resources, thus you can improve welfare.
EWII Telecare

Staying longer in one's own home
There is no place like home - especially when you are ill. The longer the patient can stay at home in a secure environment the better.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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