After suffering from a tear in the aorta of the heart, Else has found it difficult to structure her time and needs. The CarePhone helped structure her everyday life.

It was a dramatic day for 60-year-old Else Andersen from Odense, who in 2006 got a tear in the aorta to the heart. Fortunately, it happened when she was with her two sisters, who called an ambulance and because of their quick response, she survived.

Since then she has been in need of guided support from the Municipality of Odense. As part of the CarePhone solution, she has a video screen in her home that connects to the homecare department at the Municipality of Odense.

It has been indispensable to me. If I have not had this contact, I would not have come this far.

Else Andersen


The video screen is close to her favourite chair in the living room, and here she receives guided support from the municipality and can see the homecare assistant from Odense homecare department on the screen, while talking together. She appreciates the help: "I'm very happy about it. It is super smart and brilliant. It has been indispensable to me. If I have not had this contact, I would not have come this far. I prefer being helped via video contact than to have a visit from a homecare assistant".

Calling on the agreed time and date

"A homecare assistant from Odense homecare department calls me and asks me how I feel and helps me structuring my time. I have difficulty structuring my time after I became ill. She calls at 8:00 am when I am ready to accept the call. So I get up and out of bed. I must be on Tarup Gammel Præstegård (day care centre for the elderly) before 9.30 am. Previously, I called my husband at his work 6-8 times in the morning and asked for the time when the taxi had not arrived. It was a burden to him", explains Else Andersen.

Asked if it is something she would recommend to others, she promptly replies: "I would recommend it any time!".  She thinks the equipment is easy to operate and that it is a major breakthrough to have this type of homecare assistance available to her.

Facts about the CarePhone

The Municipality of Odense is the first Danish municipality to run rehabilitation via screens - based on proximity, trust and confidence. On 1st June 2015, it had been operating for three years and homecare assistants had made more than 28,105 calls during the three years.
Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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