The Patient Briefcase helps saving lives

Asta Müller has COPD and struggles with breathing. Without the Patient Briefcase, a deterioration of her health condition may only be discovered when she collapses.

65-year-old Asta Müller is very excited about using the patient briefcase, where she is in direct contact with the pulmonary department at Odense University Hospital from her home: 

“As I see it, the briefcase is helping save lives. My lung capacity fell and went from 32 to 27, 24, 21 and 20%. I would not have discovered how bad I was, if I had not received the suitcase." A worsening of her condition could end up with Asta collapsing at home and thus an emergency hospilisation.


Measurements via the briefcase

The hospital had the briefcase installed in Asta Müller's home after an emergency admission to the hospital because of pneumonia and influenza. The briefcase gives her peace of mind and spares her for further days being hospitalised. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, after experiencing a period with breathing problems. 

 I really do not think that it can be any better. There is nothing negative to say about it


Asta Müller now measures oxygenation of the blood and pulse herself, but the lung capacity test can only be made using the briefcase. The screen in the patient briefcase connects her from home to a nurse at the hospital's pulmonary medicine department, so they can see each other and talk on a secure, encrypted line. “If I didn't have the patient briefcase, I would not know that I would have to get to the doctor quickly and get medicine”, says Asta Müller. 


The Patient Briefcase is very easy to operate

Asta is so happy for the help she is getting: “The Patient Briefcase is very easy to operate. I really do not think that it can be any better. There is nothing negative to say about it”, says Asta Müller and continues: ”I get answers to the questions that I am concerned about. I am demonstrated how I should use the different aids and medication so I get the most benefit from them. It is something different than talking on the phone. If I think of something I need to talk to the nurse about during the day, I get the answer immediately. E.g. I usually have cold legs but sometimes it feels like they are burning. I can tell the nurse this, who immediately sends me to the doctor because this is a symptom of water in my legs”, ends Asta. 

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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