Municipality of Odense provides homecare via video screen

Two social and health care assistants have carried out more than 28,105 "virtual visits" to citizens at home.

Ingibjörg Hilmarsdóttir and Tanja Mejer from the Senior Citizens and Disabled Management Department at Municipality of Odense have made more than 28,105 calls on the CarePhone in three years. On 1st June 2015, the new communication form celebrated its three-year birthday and was celebrated with flowers from the supplier EWII Telecare. The Municipality of Odense is considered as first movers in the field of telemedicine and far ahead of the rest of the world.

The Municipality of Odense is working from a rehabilitative approach and putting its citizens in focus. This means that the efforts are targeted at each individual citizen and carried out in a collaboration between the citizen, relatives and employees. In most cases, the new technology telemedicine is used in the process.

Citizens are happy with the virtual visits

Patients are satisfied with the help and service they receive through the screen: “We get comments like 'Without you and this service, I would not have come this far. I do not know how I would manage without you' all the time. Most say that it is so nice with the freedom that the solution provides”, explains Ingibjörg Hilmarsdóttir, and Tanja Mejer and continues: 

"We schedule a time and date for calling the patient via the CarePhone, and after our call the patient is free to do other activities. It is an intense experience for the citizens with a strong presence in a short time and still with a strong feeling of independence. A strong relationship and sense of confidentiality are created between the healthcare assistant and the patient. If a citizen is sceptical, I encourage them by urging them to try it out, and then the patient can safely say if it is not for him. No patient has yet declined after trying out the solution. Patients are getting more courageous and receptive to new technology and to broaden their horizons". 

Diversity of assignments

Tasks could be to ask whether the patient has been eating or drinking during the day, taken his medicine, to provide guidance on the proper use of inhalation medicine, insulin injections and blood glucose tests or to have a motivational talk with the patient to motivate them to get out of their home and use some day care centre possibilities.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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