Health professionals' primary tool for remote medical care.

Netcare is a web application best described as the health professional's primary tool for remote medical care or as telemedicine consultation of patients/citizens.

Netcare is designed to bind all parts of telemedicine processes together in one user-friendly system, so that health professionals only need to work in one system to handle ordering equipment, video conferences, reviewing and monitoring results, writing messages to patients, accessing support etc.

When patients and patient groups are created in Netcare, they will automatically be created in Open Telecom and on video servers. In this way, the health professional's workload and the risk of errors are minimised. Netcare is integrated with the Open Telecom server, so that all test results, patient data etc. is stored in the Open Telecom server database.

Netcare software solution

EWII Netcare is a modular software platform with a focus on usability, easy integration and customisation. The solution works on all major platforms.

With Netcare you will be able to treat, monitor and rehabilitate citizens in their own home - for example:

  • Virtual Video-supported remote consultations
  • Care calls with video
  • Video-supported rehabilitation and group rehabilitation
  • Video-supported use of equipment for measuring, particularly:
    • Lung capacity
    • Blood pressure
    • Oxygen saturation
    • Pulse
    • Easy access to results for later use
Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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