Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Chronic: The disease is for life.
  • Obstructive: Your airways are obstructed (narrowed)
  • Pulmonary Disease: The disease is located in the lungs.

Approximately 430,000 Danes live with the disease, but only half know they have COPD. Source: Danish Lung Association -

Opportunities with Telemedicine:

  • Home Monitoring  
  • Lung Capacity Measurement  
  • Visual training  

With home monitoring, the patient can be treated in the comfort of his own home by a specialist doctor or nurse, who is still at the hospital. Our unit can be paired with various medical equipment, including lung capacity, which can be read and controlled remotely by the practitioner.

Patient and practitioner can see and talk to each other via a screen and a built-in microphone. In this way, patients experience the same close personal contact with the doctor as during the hospitalisation, but in the familiar and safe environment of their own homes.

Patients may also receive training in their own homes, directed by the hospital physiotherapist. The training can be carried out as group training for COPD patients.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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