Cardiac failure

Weakened heart muscle

Chronic heart failure is a term for signs and symptoms of the heart being unable to pump enough blood around the body.

A wide variety of cardiovascular diseases may cause heart failure. Most often, it is the left ventricle that is not fully functional, but heart failure can also occur in the right ventricle.

The disease usually develops over many years, but in rare cases it can also occur suddenly. Cardiac failure is a chronic condition but much can be done to treat it. Your lifestyle may help to delay - and possibly prevent - your heart failure to develop further.

Chronic heart failure is defined by the heart muscle being either weak or stiff.

Source: - The Danish Heart Association

Opportunities with Telemedicine:

  • ECG  
  • Weight  
  • Blood pressure  
  • Medicine  
  • Rehabilitation  

From the comfort of the home, the patient can consult the practitioner and have the necessary measurements taken, so that the practitioner can see whether there is any progress. The measurements include a heart rhythm (ECG) chart to see if there are variations; weighing to see if the patient is retaining water, and blood pressure measuring to observe whether the blood circulation is functioning.

It is also possible for the patient to receive training so that blood circulation and heart are strengthened.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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