Liver failure

Hepatocellular dysfunction

The most common causes of liver failure are alcohol, obesity, diabetes and fat metabolism disorders. This causes an accumulation of fat in the liver which leads to hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) or cirrhosis of the liver, which in turn leads to decreased liver function.

In Denmark, approximately 1,000 people die annually from cirrhosis of the liver - 2/3 men and 1/3 women. Cirrhosis can have many causes other than alcohol, but it is estimated that approximately 3/4 of all cases in men and half of the cases in women are due to alcohol. During the course of illness, there has often been one or more episodes of alcoholic hepatitis before the progression into cirrhosis.


Opportunities with Telemedicine:

  • Blood pressure  
  • Weight  
  • Medicine-monitorering  

Patients who have experienced a liver coma are afterwards treated as outpatients via home monitoring. The patient is contacted routinely by a therapist who, in addition to consultations, take blood pressure and weight measurements and control that the patient's medication is working as intented.

Consultations between patient and practitioner continue over a longer period of time until the desired rehabilitation is achieved.

Lars Bonderup Bjørn - CEO
Lars Bonderup Bjørn
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