TRIPL as pop-up convenience bar

When looking for the right platform to launch and deliver its new organic beer, Tuborg Rå, Carlsberg Denmark’s choice fell on the TRIPL. 

The TRIPL is a Danish manufactured electric cargo trike designed to make transportation easy, cost effective and green.

"We chose the TRIPL because we needed a promotion vehicle that matched our product’s values. Tuborg Rå, our new organic beer had to be matched with a smart, environmentally friendly and forward-thinking transport solution. But we also needed a practical solution", says Peter Giacomello, Director of Sponsorship and Reputation, Marketing, at Carlsberg Denmark.

Environmental match

“The environmental issue is very important to Carlsberg as a whole – and the TRIPL matches that particularly well,” says Peter Giacomello.

New delivery solution

Carlsberg created two delivery solutions for serving beer at the Danish festivals season 2017.
1. Installing a 250l tank filled with Tuborg Rå cans
2. Installing an entire draft system powered by the TRIPL battery package, so the beer could be poured straight from the tap.

“This was our new system for disposing of the kegs after use. It’s lighter and simpler, which makes it ideal for the TRIPL,” explains Peter Giacomello.

“The TRIPL enabled us literally to reach new markets at various outdoor festivals and concerts. We take the TRIPL – and cold beer – to the people. It’s a pop-up convenience bar that navigates large crowds with ease.”

After a busy summer delivering cold beer, Carlsberg Denmark is looking forward to creating even more TRIPL opportunities next summer.

When we use the TRIPL at events and festivals, it is operated by many different staff. So it is important it is easy to handle – and it is. Anyone can drive it and it’s easy to work the beer systems we’ve installed. Feedback from our drivers is always positive. And behind the scenes, when we’re setting up and packing up, staff can cover more ground and get from A to B a lot faster.
Peter Giacomello, Director of Sponsorship and Reputation, Marketing, at Carlsberg Denmark.


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